How to quickly check someone else’s hearing aid?
How to quickly check someone else’s hearing aid?
Quickly Check Hearing Aid

How to quickly check someone else’s hearing aid?

As hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller, they become more and more difficult for the elderlies to handle. Their children then bear the responsibility to look after the parents’ hearing aids – getting them cleaned, changing the batteries and bringing the parents to see the audiologists when the hearing aids stop working.

Christmas is coming soon and that means family gathering. If you know an elderly family member who is wearing hearing aid(s), please quickly check to see if his/her hearing aid(s) is working, just to make sure he/she can enjoy and participate in the family conversation. There’s really no point in wearing a non-functioning hearing aid.

Have a look at the picture. If the hearing aid squeals/whistles when placed inside a loose fist, that means at least it is still working. If it still doesn’t squeal/whistle, replace the battery or wax guard, and try again. If nothing works, contact us and we will sort it out for your loved ones.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year! XOXO

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  • It was really informative! Thanks for giving such easy content to understand it. All the tips to help you know when, where and how to use that were so useful. Keep posting it!

    Karan Gupta

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