Hearing Aids

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Getting the suitable hearing aids.

Whether you are a first time hearing aids wearer, or you are an experienced wearer, we can help you get the right hearing aids for you, according to your hearing loss type, budget and lifestyle needs. After the hearing test is done, our audiologist can develop the best solutions and strategies for you.

Freedom of choice

Since we are not owned by, or affiliated with any hearing aids companies, we can offer you the the latest hearing aids from all leading brands. Always be mindful of which chain hearing clinic is owned by which hearing aids company.

Peace of mind

If you are unsure about wearing hearing aids, we offer you free trial so that you can experience the benefits yourselves before making any decisions. After the fitting, all our hearing aids include 3-year manufacturer warranty and on-going services.

Don’t leave them in the drawers

Many hearing aids out there are left unused in the drawers. We will not let that happen. If there is any issues stopping you from wearing your hearing aids, tell us and we will make sure they are fixed.

Sounds good? Book a free trial now to experience the wonders of hearing aids.

Hearing Aids

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Only the Best for You and Your Hearing

Ivory Hearing is an independent hearing clinic with no affiliation to any hearing aid manufacturers. Our audiologists will help you choose the right hearing device according to your hearing and lifestyle needs. To ensure high quality hearing aids for you, we deal with all the leading brands: Oticon, Unitron, Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Bernafon, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, GN Resound and Hansaton.

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