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Ivory Hearing offers a wide range of custom made ear plugs to protect your ears and hearing. When you find that ordinary disposable ear plugs just do not work due to their on-going cost, discomfort, lack of protection or distortion of natural sound, it is time to get yourselves a pair of custom made ear plugs. Whether you choose them for work, swimming, playing music, riding your motorcycle or trying to block out the snoring of a family member, we have a set that is right for you.

Our ear plugs are comfortable and long-lasting that provide great protection and sound reduction. This is because they are made from soft, durable material to fit your ear canal shape and size perfectly. They also come in a range of fun colours if you want them to match your personality or uniform.

Our custom made ear plugs family includes – Solid Hearsavers for industrial-grade noise reduction, Musician Hearsavers for noise reduction while playing music, Water Protectors for protection in water activities, and Communication Earpieces for noise reduction while enhancing in-ear communication.

Sounds good? Contact us today to arrange for a consultation to get your own comfortable custom made ear plugs.

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    Solid Hearsavers

    Solid Hearsavers work to protect your hearing against loud outside noise. Suitable for industrial workers, builders, construction workers, military/aircraft operators and loud concert goers.

    Musician Hearsavers

    Great for music lovers and musicians. Protects your hearing without distorting the quality of the music. Available in Minus 10dB, 15dB or 20dB noise reduction.

    Water Protectors

    Great for Swim Schools and Surfers. Protects your ears from water and infection by keeping them dry while you are in the pool or ocean. Available in a range of fun colours.

    Communication Earpieces

    Great for mobile phone/music player users and security guards. Reduces the outside noise while providing crystal clear sound and voices directly into the ear. Flexible to fit a range of different styled ear buds.

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