Facts about Hearing Loss

Hearing and understanding are basic human needs. Hearing loss and its social consequences represent a challenge to society. Find out what difficulties and frustrations that people with hearing loss are facing.

1. Most people with hearing loss experience both a decrease in the volume of sounds and a decrease in the clarity of speech, even when it is loud enough. Though a person may “hear” what you say, they may not always understand all the words or may confuse some sounds with others.

2. Excessive background noise makes understanding extremely difficult. Even people with normal hearing are having difficulty communicating when there is a lot of background noise. For those with hearing loss, the problem is even worse.

3. Many people feel embarrassed about their hearing loss and may nod their head and pretend to understand when they actually don’t. This could cause a lot of misunderstandings during conversations.

4. Untreated hearing loss has been shown to cause sadness, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and poor social relationships. If hearing loss is detected, get help sooner rather than later. The earlier hearing loss is treated, the easier it is to return to a world of normal hearing.

5. People often do not hear all the frequencies equally well or equally badly. Hearing loss is frequency-dependent. Hearing the words is not the same as understanding the words because words are made up of different frequencies. This is why we often don’t even notice the symptoms of hearing loss.

6. It takes time to get used to a hearing aid, especially for those who have had a hearing loss for a long time. Sounds that have been forgotten need to be relearned. If you have tried hearing aids but now they are just sitting in a drawer, we encourage you to visit Ivory Hearing and discuss about how we can help you.

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