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Ivory Hearing passionately believes in ‘one-to-one’ hearing care experience with your own audiologist and with long term support to achieve successful hearing outcomes. We offer a variety of innovative hearing services that cater for all types of hearing concerns. The core value of Ivory Hearing is that of a personalised service with a strong emphasis on consistent follow up care. This would make all our customers feel confident, supported and able to use hearing aids and communication tactics to improve their quality of life.

Free Hearing Test (Preliminary)

Quick and easy 15-minutes check of your hearing levels. Suitable for you if you are curious about how well you can hear.

Full Hearing Assessment (Comprehensive)

60-minutes of detailed test that includes bone conduction, middle ear condition etc. Suitable for you if you want to get a complete picture of your hearing health.

Hearing Aids Prescription & Fitting

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you can get advanced hearing aids fitted professionally by our audiologist, so that you can reconnect with your surrounding and social life again.

Free & Subsidised Hearing Aids for Pensioners/Veterans

We understand the burden of hearing loss. If you are a pensioner or a veteran, we can help you access subsidies for free hearing services and advanced hearing aids.

Employment Hearing Test (Comprehensive)

Full hearing test of your hearing health. Suitable for you if you applying for any job that requires professional and accurate results.

Ear Wax Removal & Management

If you are experiencing ear wax blockage, we can help you keep your ears clean. We use both manual curette method and high power suction to remove your stubborn ear wax comfortably.

Custom-Made Ear Plugs

You can get a wide range of custom made ear plugs to protect your ears and hearing. Our ear plugs are comfortable and long-lasting that provide great protection and sound reduction.

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