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    Hearing Trouble?

    Do you find it difficult to hear conversation with friends, in a noisy room, or on the phone? Arrange a detailed hearing assessment with our caring audiologist in Melbourne to learn more about your hearing.

    Pensioner Or Veteran?

    You could be eligible to get the latest hearing aids for FREE and benefit from heavily subsidised professional hearing care. Our Melbourne audiology clinic will help you throughout the whole process.

    Getting Hearing Aids?

    Hearing aids are there to help you with your communication. We will guide you to choose the most suitable hearing aids in Melbourne for your hearing loss, budget and needs.

    Unsure What You're Seeking?

    Connect with our Melbourne audiology centre to gain a deeper understanding of your hearing loss and discover actionable solutions. We're here to empower you on your journey to better hearing health.

    Why Choose Us?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Although hearing aids will not completely restore hearing to its original level, they can make a major difference, helping to improve the ability to hear.

    Our hearing aids in Melbourne are fitted by our audiologist to ensure the right fit for the patient’s needs and the shape of their ears.

    Patients over 50 years of age should visit our Melbourne audiology clinic to have their hearing tested every two years. Patients under 50 years of age should get their hearing checked every ten years.

    This will depend on the type of test being performed. Our Melbourne audiology centre offers free hearing tests subsided by the government for eligible patients. Please call us for more information.


    Listen To Our Happy Customers
    Hear Why They Choose Us!

    I just want to express how happy I am with the services Ivory Hearing has provided for me. I did a couple of things wrong and they were straightened out for me very quickly. I am very, very happy with the attention. My hearing aids have made a big difference to my family because now I can hear what they say. I am very pleased with everything.

    Mr John L.

    from Croydon

    Dear Shuey, I am writing to you to thank you for your excellent service and understanding. As you know, my hearing loss (even with my previous Government-provided hearing aids) was deteriorating over a number of years. My previous audiologist advise me that he could not adjust my hearing aids any louder. So I went to get a review of my hearing at your Warrandyte clinic. Much to my delight, I was fitted with new hearing aids and with your expertise and guidance, my hearing capacity improved dramatically. Thanks again for your kindness and understanding.

    Mr Ron H.

    I have put off having a hearing test for a long while knowing that I do have hearing loss due to working in engine rooms on ships, oil rigs, trawlers etc for many years. I was having trouble hearing the TV and discussion in meetings at work when in a large room. I had always thought that the loudness of TV & meetings are okay but could not make out the words. I guess I was reluctant to admit that I needed help and, at my age, not keen to be wearing hearing aids. After testing and looking at the options, I have chosen ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids and I am very happy with them. I have to remember to take them out when having shower or going to bed as they are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them. I would recommend Ivory Hearing to any prospective hearing aid buyer for excellent pressure-free, friendly advice & service!

    Mr Bob H.

    from Warrandyte

    Dear Shuey, Thank you for your excellent professional service in providing a hearing test and evaluation. I very much appreciate the free trial of different hearing aids. The hearing aid purchase price provided by you was the best on offer, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.

    Mr Alan G.

    from North Warrandyte

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