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If you ever wonder how well you can hear, or if you have any concerns about your hearing health, we encourage you to take our online preliminary hearing screening.

Our free hearing test is a quick and easy way for you to know more about your hearing health. It takes only 3 minutes and we will get your test results emailed to us. It allows our audiologist to know if you have any potential hearing issues or not.

If you are concern about your test results, please book an appointment with our audiologist for further consultation. Sounds good?

Free 3-minute Online Hearing Testfree hearing test

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    No More Guessing Your Hearing

    If you are not hearing conversation, e.g. crowded place, TV dialogue, you might think you are losing your hearing. Getting a hearing test will allow you to know exactly how your hearing is.

    Monitor Hearing Changes

    After the hearing test, your hearing baseline will be established. It is much easier to monitor any changes in your hearing levels in the future. The contributing factor could be identified and rectified.

    Detection of Possible Medical Issues

    Hearing loss is often linked to other medical and health conditions. With a hearing test, our audiologist can identify any potential medical issues, and refer you to the relevant specialist.

    Greater Chance of Early Intervention

    The earlier your hearing loss is detected in a hearing test, the sooner you can get the appropriate treatment. The early intervention can help you manage the loss and prevent further risk.


    "I have been a client of Ivory Hearing since mid-2015, and I do and would recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem of any sort."
    Mr Wawrick C. from Ringwood North


      "If your hearing is failing do yourself a favour, get off your butt and contact Ivory Hearing for an obligation free test as I did some time ago."
      Mr Brian S. from Warrandyte


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Does your audiologist test kids' hearing?

      A: Our audiologist is a university degree-qualified audiologist, and an accredited member of the Audiological Society of Australia. We can test kids over 7 years old and all adults. Kids younger than 7 years old require a different set up for hearing test.

        Q: How often should I get my hearing tested?

        A: We recommend you to get your hearing tested every year to keep an eye on any changes. If you have hearing loss or wear hearing aids, we recommend you to get a hearing test every 6 months for more accurate adjustment.

        Q: Can I just do free hearing test online instead?

        A: You can. Free hearing test online are useful tools for you to know if you have any hearing loss. However, most online hearing tests are not calibrated. Our equipment is calibrated yearly for more accurate results. If your online test result shows that you have a hearing loss, please contact us for a full assessment.

        Q: What's the difference between a free hearing test and a full hearing assessment?

        A free hearing test is a quick screening test to see if you have a hearing loss or not. A full hearing assessment get more details about your hearing health - type and degree of any hearing loss, the source of hearing loss, your inner and middle ear condition etc.

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