Clients’ Testimonials

What our clients are saying.

Getting the right hearing aids might be daunting for you, so it is important to know that we are the professionals that you can trust. We are here to help with your well-being. We love what we do because we are able to help you regain your communication needs and quality of life.

To leave a review or make an appointment to see our lovely audiologist, please feel free to contact us.

Mr Alan G. from North Warrandyte

Dear Shuey,

Thank you for your excellent professional service in providing a hearing test and evaluation. I very much appreciate the free trial of different hearing aids. The hearing aid purchase price provided by you was the best on offer, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.


Mr John L. from Croydon

I just want to express how happy I am with the services Ivory Hearing has provided for me. I did a couple of things wrong and they were straightened out for me very quickly. I am very, very happy with the attention. My hearing aids have made a big difference to my family because now I can hear what they say. I am very pleased with everything.


Mr Neil O. from Warrandyte

Shuey, I am writing to express my thanks and complete satisfaction for the services that you provided. Your excellent follow-up and attention to details is much appreciated.


Mrs Magda B. from Vermont

What can I say…..? I just love going to Ivory Hearing !!! It is nice, caring, helpful every word I get from Shuey. It’s a privilege to go there.


Mr Mark H. from Kangaroo Ground

I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment provided by Ivory Hearing. I am so impressed by Shuey’s professionalism when I first got hearing aids. I am delighted when she opened her own clinic in Warrandyte. I immediately chose her as my hearing care expert.

I strongly recommend Ivory Hearing to anyone needing assistance with hearing.


Mr Ian G. from Kew

Pleasant to deal with coupled with professional thoroughness. Obliging in terms of appointment timings and or alterations! Good product knowledge!


Mr Warwick C. from Ringwood North

I have been a client of Ivory Hearing since mid-2015, and I do and would recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem of any sort.

I have found both Shuey (the most competent audiologist) and DK to be very professional in their dealing with me, and I always feel I am treated on a personal level and not just another number through the door.

The advice is totally unbiased as to what equipment they recommend to suit your needs.

So I am very happy and lucky to have found this company to look after my hearing needs.


Mrs Karen W. from Chirnside Park

Shuey and DK at Ivory Hearing are fantastic. They are very attentive and very helpful. After many years of hearing loss, I went to Ivory Hearing to get two new hearing aids, the education, care and ongoing support I have received from Shuey and DK is amazing. I highly recommend you call Ivory Hearing for all of your hearing needs, you will be happy that you did.


Mr Brian S. from Warrandyte

If your hearing is failing do yourself a favour, get off your butt and contact Ivory Hearing for an obligation free test as I did some time ago.  

Shuey and DK will greet you with smiles and put you at ease. Shuey is a gem, so knowledgeable, caring, understanding and a true professional.

Once you have purchased your hearing aids your life will change for the better, not only because you will no longer be on the outer, unsure of what you couldn’t hear, but you will have an ongoing care plan to ensure your hearing will be periodically reviewed and knowing you can drop in anytime you have any concerns and be attended to on the spot.

Ivory Hearing has become a Warrandyte treasure.   

Regards, BWS Warrandyte Accountant.


Mr John W. from Donvale

I have found Shuey & DK great to attend to my hearing problems. They have fine tuned my hearing as needed over the last couple of years & I am very happy to recommend them to others who have a hearing problem.

Regards, John


Mr Bob H. from Warrandyte

I have put off having a hearing test for a long while knowing that I do have hearing loss due to working in engine rooms on ships, oil rigs, trawlers etc for many years. I was having trouble hearing the TV and discussion in meetings at work when in a large room. I had always thought that the loudness of TV & meetings are okay but could not make out the words. I guess I was reluctant to admit that I needed help and, at my age, not keen to be wearing hearing aids.

After testing and looking at the options, I have chosen ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids and I am very happy with them. I have to remember to take them out when having shower or going to bed as they are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them.

I would recommend Ivory Hearing to any prospective hearing aid buyer for excellent pressure-free, friendly advice & service!


Mr David O. from Warrandyte South

Before I came to have my ears checked, I was having more and more difficulties in listening to my family talking. I kept asking them to repeat what they were saying. I also found that particularly when I am in large groups, parties and family gathering, it was more difficult for me due to the background noise. I had to lean forward to people to listen harder. Sometimes when I couldn’t hear the conversation, I just tried to nod and smile, hoping that I would reply and say the right thing. Eventually, I slowly and surely became less involved in conversation. It was quite embarrassing and my wife was getting upset with me.

My wife obviously noticed this and she was getting a little bit more concerned. She then helped and convinced me that it’s time to have my hearing looked at. So I came to you and you have done an excellent job! Ever since I have got the hearing aids fitted, to be able to hear, to be a part of the conversation again, and not frustrating people for asking them to repeat, the advantages are so much better. Also, some people don’t want to be seen to have hearing aids, and hardly anyone noticed mine because they are so small and discreet. These hearing aids have proved to be quite an asset to my life and improved my life so much.


Mrs Elaine R. from North Warrandyte

Hi Shuey, you looked after my son Michael and it was on your recommendation that Michael see an ENT. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful professional service and for picking up on a problem that many doctors failed to pick up on for years. Michael had his operation and can now hear perfectly. I will be very highly recommending you to everyone and cannot express my gratitude enough for what you did to help Michael. You are a credit to our community.


Mr Phil C. from Warrandyte

We have been delighted with the professional and friendly smiling service that arrived in Warrandyte when Shuey and DK established Ivory Hearing. Shuey replaced my previous hearing aids (which had been provided by another audiology business) with very small but effective new units.

As the previous units were bulky and irritating, I only wore them very occasionally – just a few hours per year. Now I wear Shuey’s hearing aids all my waking hours.

While Shuey has spent quite a lot of time and effort attempting to further improve my present aids, I opted to continue their use as they are perfectly satisfactory.

Well done, Shuey and DK.


Mr John H. from Warrandyte

Dear Shuey & DK,

I have always been pleased with the thorough testing and acting on any faults that may occur. You are both very courteous and welcoming.


Mrs Hilary O. from North Warrandyte

Thank you for your excellent support and service given to me.


Mr Keith C. from Warrandyte

Shuey and DK would be the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Shuey is a very very competent Audiologist. Before going to Ivory Hearing I was seeing an Audiologist in the Doncaster area, I was never able to wear the right side hearing aid due to a very sensitive inner ear cannel. My previous Audiologist actually became angry and indicated that I was putting on some sort of act by not wearing the hearing device that he kept trying to force upon me. The last time I visited him I walked out making my mind up to never go back. I drove back to Warrandyte walked into Ivory Hearing and was greeted by DK and Shuey. Shuey was very patient and actually trimmed my hearing aid ear piece down so that it wasn’t rubbing on the side of my ear cannel. For the first time in 3 years I have now been able to wear both hearing aids. Thank you Shuey.


Mr James T. from Burwood

I went to this audiologist about getting diagnosed with tinnitus and she was so helpful and caring.


Mr Ron H. from Ringwood East

Dear Shuey,

I am writing to you to thank you for your excellent service and understanding. As you know, my hearing loss (even with my previous Government-provided hearing aids) was deteriorating over a number of years. My previous audiologist advise me that he could not adjust my hearing aids any louder.

So I went to get a review of my hearing at your Warrandyte clinic. Much to my delight, I was fitted with new hearing aids and with your expertise and guidance, my hearing capacity improved dramatically.

Thanks again for your kindness and understanding.


Mrs Gizella S. from Wantirna South

I want to talk about my hearing aids because they really have changed my life. Before this, I had to keep asking “pardon” and ask people to repeat all the time. Now I am back to normal and feel 100%. I’m very, very happy with my hearing aids. I ask everybody who has hearing problem to visit Ivory Hearing to check their ears and do something about it.


Mrs Kerrie M. from Warrandyte

These guys were wonderful with my 90 year-old mother-in-law recently. Very professional and caring.


Mrs Colleen K. from Donvale

Dear Shuey, thanks so much for all you have done in giving back Aileen her hearing. It’s the best she has heard for 20 years!


Mr Alf A. from Warrandyte

Shuey has given me the best service I have ever had from any business. Others could learn a lot from it. I came to Shuey after having a bad experience with another company and she has really looked after me and DK does an excellent job of making appointments and making sure I have plenty of batteries. I regard them more as friends.


Mr Alan G. from North Warrandyte

I have the utmost faith and trust in Ivory Hearing.

I am also impressed with the effort that Shuey and DK put in to successfully provide a high level of professional expertise to the Warrandyte residents, and the extended community.

Nothing is too much trouble for either of them, and they demonstrate a real care for their patients.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends.


Mr Deva N. from Greensborough

I am sure with the excellent customer care and dedicated service in meeting customer special needs, Ivory Hearing will achieve many accolades.


Mr Graham S. from Croydon North

Shuey and DK are wonderful poeple to deal with if you are having hearing issues. They are attentive and helpful and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Thanks guy’s for all your help in the past and will looking forward to dealing with you guys for many years to come.

Kind regards, Graham


Mrs Michelle K. from Eltham

Everything about Ivory Hearing was friendly, efficient and professional. Shuey was just lovely. She explained everything fully and when I visited my GP for a follow up he said he’d be recommending people see her as her reports were comprehensive and professional. I would highly recommend Ivory Hearing.


Mr Asif J. from Nunawading

I am really very happy with their treatment. Finally my ear blockage is removed and I feel comfortable in hearing. Shuey helped remove the cotton buds stucked deep in my ears and I can salute to their professional service.