A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids You’ll Love
A Guide to Buying New Hearing Aids You’ll Love
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If you have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss and you know that hearing aids can help with your particular hearing loss, what do you do next? Here is a guide on what to consider when buying a new pair of hearing aids that you’ll love.

Understand How Hearing Clinic Works

Before you get your hearing test done, you need to select a hearing clinic to visit. You might think that they are all the same, but they are not. The majority of hearing clinics in Australia are owned/contracted by hearing aid makers. Imagine if your GP clinic is owned by Panadol, then somehow your GP says that all sicknesses could be fixed by taking Panadol. The best option for you is visiting an independent hearing clinic that deals with all the brands on hearing aids. Ivory Hearing is an independent hearing clinic that focuses on your overall hearing health and the benefits your hearing aids will bring to your life.

Understanding Your Hearing Loss

After your hearing test, our audiologist will go through your audiogram and test results with you. You will find out more about the type, degree and configuration of your hearing loss. Most people have bilateral hearing loss i.e. hearing loss in both ears, while a small portion of people will have hearing loss in just one ear. It is important to know that the details of your hearing loss are important in determining the best solution for you. If your results show that hearing aids can help, our audiologist will work with you to determine the most suitable hearing aids for your unique hearing loss and circumstances.

Understand What Hearing Aids Are

Hearing aids are tool that help you hear better. On one hand, they are much more than just some electronic devices that amplify sound. On another hand, they are not a miracle cure that turns your hearing back to normal. Hearing aids should help you reconnect to your loved ones, be active in your favourite activities. They should also help support your overall health and well-being. Your hearing and hearing loss are highly unique and differ greatly from others, so different hearing aids will sound different to you. We highly recommend you try wearing the hearing aids before committing to the purchase. This way, you can be sure the hearing aids that you will be buying, sound and feel comfortable so you will be happy to wear them.

Understand Your Finance

Hearing aids are advanced pieces of electronics that have been developed to help you hear better. Plus, they have to be small enough, yet contain as many features as possible. Indeed, they are one of the most important investments you’ll ever make and they can bring great benefits to your life quality in return. There are different ways you can get funding for your new hearing aids – Government subsidies for pension card holders, private health insurance, Workcover insurance and out of own pocket. Talk to us to find out if you are eligible for any of those. Our audiologist will also recommend the best ones for you, based on your financial situation and your hearing needs. We can help you get the most out of your hearing aids with whatever budget you have. Wearing a pair cheaper hearing aids everyday is much better than a pair of expensive hearing aids collecting dust in the drawer.

Understand Your Lifestyle

You’ll be wearing your hearing aids every day, from morning until night. It’s important that your hearing aids are a perfect fit with your lifestyle. When you let us know more about your everyday routine and lifestyle preference, our audiologist can recommend hearing aids based on features would be most beneficial for you. There are hearing aids that are more robust, more discreet or have more features like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries and fall detection. It is important to determine exactly which features will be most convenient and supportive in your lifestyle.

Visit Us at Ivory Hearing Clinic

Whether you want to consult an audiologist about your hearing health or you are searching for your first pair of hearing aids, Ivory Hearing is here to help you hear your best. Contact us today for an appointment.

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