How Should We Properly Clean Our Ear Wax?
How Should We Properly Clean Our Ear Wax?
No Q Tip For Ear Wax

As we all know, our ear canals produce wax. For some people, ear wax builds up much faster than the others. If there is a large amount of wax build up, blocking the ear canals, a temporary hearing loss can happen.

So, how should we clear the wax? The most popular answer might be a cotton bud/Q-tip, but it is actually not the right way to clean our ears and we could even damage our ears if used improperly!

In majority of the cases, the ear canal actually does not need to be cleaned. When taking shower or washing hair, a little water is all it takes to get in our ears to loosen the wax. The wax just falls out naturally!

If somehow your ears are blocked by a large amount of ear wax that is too hard to be removed, please visit us to get it cleared professionally.

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