Tradies National Health Month 2020
Tradies National Health Month 2020
tradies national health month 2020

This August is Tradies National Health Month. Ivory Hearing is focusing on raising awareness about the importance of health and safety for our tradies.

Tradespeople in Australia face some of the most physically demanding jobs and exposed to some of the most harmful noises day in and day out. Recent statistics revealed that tradies recorded the highest level of deafness in Australia, mainly from working with high powered equipment, loud machinery and power tools.

Noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable, so we strongly encourage tradies to wear hearing protection and incorporate healthy hearing into their lifestyle. If you’re a tradie or an employer, ensure you and your team have the correct hearing protection to suit your industry, and get a hearing check at least once every 2 years.

At Ivory Hearing, our caring audiologist is accredited by WorkCover to perform full audiological testing. Book an appointment today.

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