Recycling Old Hearing Aids
Recycling Old Hearing Aids

Do you know anyone who has old and unused hearing aids? Old hearing aids don’t need to sit in the back of drawer collecting dust or get tossed in the bin.

Most old hearing aids can be easily refurbished or used for parts to give the gift of hearing to those in need.

Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 Australians and 63 million children around the world. Many do not have access to the instruments that can so easily improve their lives.

These old hearing aids could be the key to helping a hard of hearing adult get back to their life or allow a child to learn better because they can hear what is happening in the classroom.

That is why Ivory Hearing offers exchange of old hearing aids for credits towards the purchase of newer models. Call Ivory Hearing at 03 9844 5863 or visit us at our Warrandyte clinic to discuss with us.

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