Mad Myth Monday – Do small hearing aids work better?
Mad Myth Monday – Do small hearing aids work better?
Small hearing aids

Do smaller hearing aids cost more and work better than the larger ones? Not necessarily.

It saddens us that many people have been misinformed that the smaller ones are more expensive and more powerful. It’s a misinformation created to generate more sales, because more people want a more discreet model.

The size of the hearing aids depends on various factors like degree of hearing loss, ear anatomy, dexterity of user, functionality etc. Each type of hearing aid has its pros and cons. A good audiologist would consider all those factors, plus your own needs, and suggest the most suitable hearing aids for you.

One person may be more suited for Behind-the-Ear type hearing aids while another may be better with Completely-in-Canal type aids.

So, which one is more suitable for you? We can’t give you a definite answer without knowing you and your situations. The best way to find out is by making an appointment and speak to our caring audiologist.

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