Cheap Hearing Aids
Cheap Hearing Aids
cheap hearing aids

Mad Myth Monday – Cheap hearing aids are useless and don’t work well.

Myth: Cheap hearing aids are useless and don’t work well.

Fact: If your hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, getting cheap hearing aids is better than not doing anything.

We firmly believe that anyone should have access to better hearing regardless of their financial situation. Do not let others discourage you from getting hearing help. Others might tell you that if you cannot afford premium hearing aids, it is better to have no hearing aids. That’s because their motivation is not to help you hear better. They just want to meet their own sales quota. Ivory Hearing is established to help you hear better and make the best out of your situation.

Hearing aids, regardless of price, are meant to help you hear better. Their main job is amplifying sounds you should be hearing to the level that you could hear. If you have the financial ability to get premium hearing aids with more features to help you enrich your life, that’s great. If you have hearing loss and you are not in the position to get all the premium features, we strongly believe that our audiologist can still make our low cost hearing aids good enough to improve your life dramatically.

Consequence of untreated hearing loss

Getting cheap hearing aids is still definitely better than not doing anything at all to help with your hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss leads to all sort of unpleasant effects. Studies showed that people with hearing loss and their significant others experience significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety than those who were fit with and consistently wore hearing aids. Studies also showed a strong link between hearing loss and chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Other side effects of untreated hearing loss can include fatigue, stress, loneliness, reduced productivity and reduced alertness to the surroundings.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, but worried about the price, feel free to contact us for an appointment. Our caring audiologist will go through all the available options for you to hear better again.

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Comments (2)

  • I am a 71 year old man in good health but with some hearing deficiency. I have several relatives and friends who have dud hearing aids, some very expensive. I am firmly of the opinion that hearing aids do not work and are often marketed by spivs who take advantage of desperate people. I would rather tolerate my hearing loss than get ripped off.

    John Brady
    • Dear John, thank you so much for voicing out your concern. Many people out there are having the exact experience. Many hearing aids are now being left in the drawers due to that. We understand your frustration because we are frustrated too. We know for sure hearing aids, regardless of their price, can truly help people. However, the bad experience many people got from elsewhere, is making others avoid seeking help.

      We hope we have the opportunity to change your mind, so that your relatives and friends can see that there is still hope out there.

      1. It’s absolutely okay if you want to tolerate your hearing loss, as long as it’s not causing too much inconvenience or negative consequence to you life. We are not forcing our clients to constantly hear every single sound. We are here to help them hear what they want to hear and be happy to be involved in conversation.

      2. When you do decide to give it just one more chance, please understand that approximately 85% of hearing clinics in Australia are affiliated with hearing aid makers. Some clinics have sales target and bonus scheme (for expensive hearing aids) for their employees. We are not one of them.

      3. The sales target & bonus scheme of some hearing clinics made initial sales more important for employees than after sales support. One of the main reason people don’t like their hearing aids is that they don’t get ongoing support and adjustment. We regularly review the hearing level and hearing aids of our clients to make sure they are constantly getting benefit and getting adjusted.

      Feel free to comment more so that more people can see and hopefully get something out of this.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful day!


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