2015 Manningham BEA Winner
2015 Manningham BEA Winner
Manningham Business Excellence Award

2015 Manningham BEA Winner

Last night was a milestone for Ivory Hearing. We are proud to have won the 2015 Manningham Personal Business of the Year, organised by Manningham Business Excellence Awards.

When we started the business, we didn’t know much about running a business, because both of us had zero business background. The decision to start our own hearing clinic comes purely from Shuey’s desire to make her own decision on how we treat people with hearing issues.

It’s simple: We will treat our customers the same way we want our family and friends to be treated by others. We will treat about all our customers like friends with care, respect and sincerity.

Within these 2 years, our beloved customers, community and local businesses have also been showering us with kindness and support, and words can’t express enough how grateful we are to all of you. Thank you all so so so very much!

Manningham Business Excellence Awards

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