Hearing Test near Croydon North

Ivory Hearing is an accredited hearing clinic located 15 minutes away from Croydon North. Our audiologist can perform a hearing test for patients living with hearing difficulties, helping to identify the type of hearing loss as well as its extent. We understand how important the ability to hear is and will provide the necessary treatment and hearing aids to make daily tasks easier.

Hearing Aids near Croydon North

If you have any loss of hearing, Ivory Hearing can provide suitable hearing aids. There are numerous benefits you can gain from wearing hearing aids, such as being able to hear much better when talking to other people. Wearing hearing aids can also prevent any further hearing loss from occurring and improve general quality of life. All of this can be achieved by booking an appointment with our audiologist, who can recommend a suitable type of hearing aid that will best meet your needs. We can also provide hearing aids for pensioners.

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There’s no need to bear the problems associated with hearing loss when Ivory Hearing can help you. Book an appointment with our audiologist today by calling our clinic near Croydon North on (03) 9844 5863 or contacting us online.

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