Audiometric Hearing Test

For police, pilot, army, employment & workplace etc.

Ivory Hearing performs comprehensive audiometric hearing test for official purposes, including:

♦ Police entrance application – We can establish baseline hearing levels for entrance into the Victorian Police Force and for Protective Service Officers.

♦ Pilot medical hearing test – To become a pilot, besides checking your eyesight, the hearing test is also an important part of the medical test. We perform hearing test for aviation medicals as required by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)

Pre-employment hearing test – When you are getting a new job, some employers might want a recent audiogram from you.

Routine workplace audiometric hearing test – If your employees are working in an environment where they are exposed to noise levels that require them wearing hearing protection, then you might have the legal obligation to get baseline and periodic audiometric testing for your employees to monitor their hearing health.

Hearing assessment for defence jobs – If you are applying for Entry into the Australian Defence Force, you will need to undergo a medical assessment which includes a hearing test. If hearing loss is detected, it may affect your ability to join the ADF.

Get in touch with Ivory Hearing today and book your audiometric hearing test. It is a very easy process and it can be done without a long wait!

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