Untreated Hearing Loss & Dementia

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Hearing Loss & Dementia

While a cause-and-effect relationship has yet to be established, evidence is gradually increasing to suggest that untreated hearing loss can accelerate dementia.

There are three possible explanations.

1. Cognitive load — when you can’t hear well, the brain receives messy signals, forcing it to work harder to derive meaning from the message.

2. Social isolation — people who can’t hear well tend to become socially isolated, leading to reduced cognitive stimulation and cognitive loss.

3. Brain atrophy — hearing loss results in a faster rate of brain atrophy mostly over the hearing portion of the brain, which is also involved in functions like memory, learning and thinking.

You deserve to live life to its fullest regardless of the degree of your hearing loss. Don’t wait until hearing loss has ravaged your health to take the first step.

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