Free Hearing Test

Take the first step towards better hearing health

Benefit 1: Hearing Baseline is Set

When you have not have any hearing tested done before, getting a hearing test is the best way to find out the condition of your hearing health.

Benefit 2: Monitor Hearing Changes

After your baseline has been established, it is much easier to monitor any changes in your hearing health. Past results can be compared to the most current results.

Benefit 3: Detection of Possible Medical Issues

Hearing loss is often linked to other medical conditions. By undergoing a hearing test, other possible medical issues could be detected.

Benefit 4: Greater Chance of Early Intervention

The earlier your hearing loss is detected in a hearing test, the sooner you can benefit from strategies and solutions that will help you prevent further damage.

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Take the guessing game away from your hearing health

If you have ever had a concern about your own, or a family member’s hearing, chances are it’s time to get a hearing test. It’s typical for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss to be oblivious of their hearing problem, while family and friends are very aware of it. For your peace of mind, we are offering you a free hearing test.

When you come to Ivory Hearing for a free hearing test, your hearing will be checked by our hearing specialist who will ask you some questions related to your hearing. We will then look in your ears and make sure there is no build up of wax to evaluate your eardrum for any abnormalities. You will enter a state-of-the-art sound booth where you will be asked to repeat back words and respond when you hear a frequency.

Following the free hearing test, we will sit down with you to discuss the results of the testing. If further assessment is required, we will make another appointment for us to perform a detailed hearing evaluation on your hearing.

Sounds good? Contact us today to get a free hearing test for a peace of mind!