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Ivory Hearing passionately believes in ‘one-to-one’ hearing care experience with your own audiologist and with long term support to achieve successful hearing outcomes. We offer a variety of innovative hearing services that cater for all types of hearing concerns.

The core value of Ivory Hearing is that of a personalised service with a strong emphasis on consistent follow up care. This would make all our customers feel confident, supported and able to use hearing aids and communication tactics to improve their quality of life.

At Ivory Hearing the focus is firmly on hearing care.

Hearing Services Available

Free Preliminary Hearing Test – If you have ever had a concern about your own, or a family member’s hearing, chances are it’s time to get tested. It’s typical for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss to be in denial or even oblivious of their problem, even though family and friends are very aware of it. Click here to find out more.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation – Ivory Hearing utilises the most accurate and clinically proven hearing evaluation techniques, including pure-tone testing, bone conduction and speech recognition testing, to determine the extent of the hearing loss and available treatment options. Click here to find out more.

Hearing Aids Fitting – We know that there are many forms of hearing loss and each individual has a different lifestyle. We offer to our clients freedom of choice with multiple lines of advanced hearing technologies from all leading, reliable hearing aids manufacturers. Click here to find out more.

Free Hearing Aids for Eligible Pensioners & Veterans – Australian government understand the burden of hearing loss and the need for everyone to access better hearing. As a result, a scheme was established to ensure that pensioners and veterans can access FREE hearing services and digital hearing aids through accredited providers like Ivory Hearing. Click here to find out more.

Ongoing Hearing Services – As a hearing care provider that truly cares for all customers, Ivory Hearing offers ongoing care that provides all the services you need to ensure your hearing and hearing aids are working at their best. Click here to find out more

Extra Hearing Services – Why stop at the general hearing care? Ivory Hearing goes extra length and try the best to ensure everyone gets the best hearing care they deserve. Click here to find out what else Ivory Hearing can do for you.

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