Hearing Awareness Week 2017

Hearing Awareness Week falls on the 4th week of August every year. Ivory Hearing is campaigning for greater awareness of hearing health and hearing-related issues by opening its door for the locals.

This is the best time to learn more about hearing health and get valuable information on the importance of getting routine hearing checks, protecting your hearing and managing your hearing loss.

Details of Event

Date: Mon 21st – 25th Fri Aug 2017
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue: Ivory Hearing
Shop 5, 90 Melbourne Hill Rd
Goldfields Shopping Plaza
Venue (Thursday): Ivory Hearing
in Relax Medical Care
Shop 46, 66 Springfield Rd
North Blackburn Shopping Centre

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Free Services Provided on Hearing Awareness Week 2017


Have concerns about your hearing?

Get a Hearing Consultation. If there’s any concerns about your hearing health, let us know and we can provide you with proper information and the best next course of action.

Hearing Screening

How well is your hearing level?

Get a Hearing Screening Test. Find out how well you can hear and get a baseline of your hearing ability for future reference. Early detection of hearing loss is important to prevent negative consequences.


What are the benefits of hearing aids?

Get a Trial of Hearing Aids. If you have been wanting to try digital hearing aids, this is a good chance to experience the benefits of modern, hi-tech hearing technology yourselves.


Unhappy with your hearing aids?

Get a Hearing Aids Servicing . It is important to keep your hearing aids running smoothly to get the most out of them. Always keep them clean, wax-free and adjusted to your hearing.

Booking essential!